Mansfield teeth replacement

Mansfield Teeth Replacement

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It’s no fun to not have your full set of teeth. Your chewing can suffer, your other teeth may shift and throw off the alignment of your jaws, cause you discomfort, and of course, make you feel self-conscious about smiling. Dental implants are not the only option available when it comes to Mansfield teeth replacement, but they are undoubtedly the best. And that is not an opinion, but a conclusion based on the facts.

Dental implants look and feel like real teeth. Those are big advantages right there. But they also act like real teeth. Bridge and dentures cannot make that claim. That’s because they only replace the teeth on the surface of the gums. Dental implants also replace the root that is beneath the gum. That is significant because our Mansfield teeth replacement has a strong foundation that is 100% reliable. Removable dentures do not always inspire confidence. They may slide when you speak or chew. Fixed bridges are dependable in that way, but some people find that they don’t feel quite natural and may affect the way they speak. Dental implants let you speak, smile, laugh, and chew, even the toughest foods, without any difficulties whatsoever. Fortunately, Dr. Sibilia has the expertise and experience that is vital to putting in dental implants. The first step is to surgically place a titanium post, the new root, into your jaw. Your jaw bone will grow around and then fuse with the post. This takes a few months. Then you will be measured for a tooth-colored crown that will be put on top of the post and then cemented for permanence. No one will be able to tell which of your teeth is the implant and which are your real ones. Even you may end up forgetting which is which.

With proper care, you can get a lifetime of use out of our Mansfield teeth replacement. Just call us to schedule an examination and consultation so that you can find out if you’re a good candidate for dental implants.

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